Torrent is the main character in Willowlight7's Amaranthine.


Torrent is of rather average build and height, though he might be a bit on the muscular side.  He has a fluffy pelt, though it's always rather messy.  His fur is mainly a medium grey, though he has spots of darker and lighter grey, as well as some white mixed in.  He has blue eyes, but they are slightly greyish.  

Torrent doesn't take his training as seriously as his sister Cherry, though he tries to do well.  He's not afraid to listen to or spread gossip, but he's not super chatty.  He's protective of his friends and family, though usually can't summon up the courage to do the right thing if that means endangering himself or his happiness.  Torrent is rather stubborn when he feels strongly about something, though he doesn't usually feel strongly about much.  For the most part, he's agreeable about training and such.


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