Seastar is a main character in the Ocean Eyes series by Foxstep.



Sea has a pale gray and white pelt with light turquoise eyes, matching the sea he was named for. He has a strong build and is quite tall. He is very agile in swimming and rather enjoys it. Sea knows a few intricate swimming moves and would stay in the water all day if he could.


Sea isn't one to think before he acts, nor one to admit he is wrong usually. He usually shies away from apologizing and nor is he good at forgiving. It is easy for him to make friends due to his outgoing general manner but he loses control around water, letting it take him. His tongue is quite sharp and he isn't afraid to use it. If he truly loves a cat, then that cat will know all his weaknesses and his insecurities.


Cave InEdit

He is excited to go swimming and almost feels the wind taking him as he runs down to the beach. As he joins his confidantes, he decides against swimming as other cats are already occupying the water. His friends disagree with them so he gives in and the moment he penetrates the water, he allows it to take him.
When the tide rises, he allows himself to sink, enjoying the cool of the water until he is dragged out of it by a stranger. Hale scolds him for not resurfacing and Jett briefly introduces themselves when Sea asks who his savior was. Harper introduces herself, Louise, and the savior, Jessamy who quietly requests to be called Jess.
Jessamy retorts when Sea asks her why they are out if they are kittypets and Jett also reprimands Sea. As they leave after spoiling the mood, Sea looks back and wonders if he should apologize. He also wonders if he will ever see those she-cats again.
Sea has a dream about a forest leading to a gorge, where he finds Firestar and Sandstorm. He wonders who they are upon waking up and he decides to visit his his mother to clear up his mind. When traveling to his mother's house, he reflects on his past. When he arrives at his destination, he finds that his mother and her housefolk are missing. He climbs onto a windowsill to see the whole neighborhood and instead finds other neighboring kittypets on their sills, staring at him. He notices that one of them is Jessamy.
Jessamy confronts him and he assures that he was just visiting his mother, to which Jessamy is astonished about. She says that Zinnia's housefolk were considering putting her down and Sea decides to save his mother somehow.


  • This is Sharpclaw's fanon biological father