• Please follow the tutorials listed on the main page when editing
  • Be kind and respectful to others
    • Rude behavior is not accepted nor should anyone believe it be
  • This is a wiki about writing information on fanfictions written by BlogClan members and posting those fanfics, and of course, making art for it. It should be about nothing else
  • Do not drag external drama into this wiki as anything as of it shall be removed from the wiki
    • In general, try not to bring or start any drama at all
  • No cussing, using inappropriate terms, etc. None at all is allowed on this wiki and if your fanfic is posted on BlogClan, it is already expected to have decent content
  • No spamming
  • Obviously no trolling
  • Do not sockpuppet. You can have more than one account if needed, as long as you specify that is you. If you don't specify it is you, that could be taken into sockpuppeting suspicious. Sockpuppeting is using other accounts to edit when one account is blocked. If alternate accounts are used as socks, all known alts will be banned. Really. Just wait for the block to expire.
  • Respect the admins and follow the rules. It's quite important to do this as it keeps the wiki in shape.
  • Don't beg for rights.  Moderator and administrator powers will be given if A. They are needed AND B. The person would make a good mod/admin.  Rights are not a privilege, they are a job.  They should be treated as such.


  • Be kind on chat, no flaming or doing personal (or wide) attacks
  • No spamming
  • No external links to inappropriate sites
    • Warn people if you are using a url shortener when you link
  • Do not spam advertise. Once is enough and if people choose against joining your thing, you are expected to NOT spam the link or further discuss it
  • Chat is a place to hang out and chat off-topic. Breaking these rules will have the privilege of chatting taken away. Use it wisely...

-Your admins, Foxstep1 and Willowlight7