Jett is a character in the Ocean Eyes series, by Foxstep.



Jett is a soft-furred white tom with kind amber eyes that tend to smolder when he is angry. He has pale pink scars criss-crossing on his forelegs. Not many are there, but it is noticeable. He is also quite agile and skilled in climbing. He can beat his peers in races, always outsmarting them.


He is noted to be a natural leader, stepping to reprimand cats when they are rude, as he did when Sea offended Jessamy, Louise, and Harper. Jett is quite a clever cat with high agility but he can be quite stubborn and controlling which are the only factors that hold him unpopular with other cats. Although, many cats are inspired by him and see him as a role model.


Cave InEdit

Jett, along with Hale invites Sea to go down to the beach for a late evening swim. He races his friends down the slope and, when Hale and Sea believe Jett is the last, it turns out he tricked them, already in the water. His friends are frustrated by this but quickly convert to a positive mood as they join Jett in the water.
Jett protests when Sea decides against swimming as other cats are already there and Hale backs him up on it. The white tom gets his way in the end and they go swimming. He resurfaces immediately when the tide takes him and assists Jessamy in holding up Sea when he nearly drowns. Jett feels ashamed when he realizes he forgot to introduce himself and does so. He gives Sea a sharp look when the latter comments rudely. Then he decides to take Sea and Hale back as they have already spoiled their meeting with the she-cats.
He is mentioned in the next section when Sea reflects on his history and how Jett was a part of it.