Character pages are pages about a character in one of more of your fanfictions.  They usually summarize important information about the character and their role in a fanfiction.

Starting Your Page

First of all, create your page. You can do so in the "contribute" menu. Name it your character's name, unless there's already a character with that name. Then you can name it "Character (Your Name)" or "Character (Fanfiction)", or something similar.

Next, add an infobox. An infobox summarizes the important information on your character. You'll want to use the character infobox. If your character has a charart, you can use that for the image, but you can also use a personal drawing.

Typical Format

Character is a character in fanfiction by author.


Character is a physical description.

Character is a personality description.


Summary of character's appearances in fanfiction and backstory.


  • Interesting facts!
  • More facts!


Charart gallery!