Chapter Summary Pages are pages about specific chapters in a fanfiction. They need not be used for oneshots or other variations of fanfictions.

Starting Your Page

First of all, create your page. You can do so in the "contribute" menu. Name it "(Fanfiction Title)/Chapter (ch. number). Please follow this method all times. If there is another fanfiction with your title then just do "(Fanfiction Title) [Your username]/Chapter (ch. number). If you are still confused, ask for help.

Typical Format

Start typing your summary here.  Summaries are generally very detailed, but not as detailed as the actual fanfiction.  It should be in present tense unless it is a flashback [past tense] or omen [future tense]. It should cover the whole entire chapter and be broken off into paragraphs. Please, if you can, make it look neat?