Hillfeather is a character in Forgotten by Stoatbramble.

Description Edit

Hillfeather is a brownish-ginger she-cat with a white patch covering her left eye and half of her muzzle. Her eyes are deep blue.

Hillfeather is shown to be protective, ordering her child to stay in the nursery during the battle against BreezeClan. She is shown to be willing to spill a secret, for she tells Vistasky the location of Mooncreek, which is supposed to be known by only few cats.

History Edit

In the prologue, she's briefly referred to when Vistasky mentions that Hillfeather doesn't know her own child's name anymore.

In Chapter 1, she's shown ordering Vistasky- then Stonekit- to stay safe in the nursery as she defended her Clan during the fight against BreezeClan. Moments later, she shrieks in pain, then falls limp as she is killed by a BreezeClan warrior.

In Chapter 4, she appears in Vistasky's flashback, talking to her kit about Sunflare. She mentions that Sunflare visited Mooncreek every half moon to speak with their ancestors, and she also healed the Clan.

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