Hale is a character in the Ocean Eyes series by Foxstep.



Hale is a brown tom with black pointed tabby stripes. He has azure blue eyes, and one noticeable pink scar above his muzzle, a little bit below his nose. He is noted to have a small build, and appears rather tiny and short. It is possible he could be a dwarf but is not concerned. He's an agile swimmer for the most part and is the only physical activity he excels at.


Hale is described to be very giddy and excited. He is rather childish and even though he is only a moon younger than Sea, he acts much young. Hale could be described as mature on some occasions, and serious when the situation requires him to be, but his cheekiness and mischievous traits seem to annoy Sea quite a bit - but not to the point of ending their friendship.


Cave InEdit

Hale invites Sea to swim with him and Jett and he is shown to be annoyed when Jett turns out to have won the "race" but he brushes it off. He supports Jett's decision to go meet the swimming she-cats and is shown to be very upset with Sea for not resurfacing. This shows that he cares for his friends very much.
As they are meeting the she-cats, Hale acts very excited which annoys Sea to some level and they exchange faces. In this scene, Hale acts quite childish, contrary to Jett's mature personality and Sea's observant one.
Hale is briefly mentioned later on as Sea reflects on his past.