Elzora is the daughter of the Twilight Hunters' leader in Amaranthine by Willowlight7.


Elzora's pelt is a pale ginger color, complete with darker stripes and paws.  She has paler underparts and narrow green eyes akin to a fox's.  She is rather longlegged and long-furred, though she keeps her pelt neat.  She has excellent posture and walks with confidence due to being pampered her whole life.

Elzora is rather haughty from her life of pampering.  She hates being outdone by anyone, especially common-born cats.  She holds grudges easily and will hate a cat for a long time if they anger her once.  She's kind and caring to those she respects, but she really only respects high-ranking cats, such as Council members.


Elzora was born to Astor and Rasha before the events of Amaranthine.  She is seen in Efflorescence arriving at the training grove before Cherry.  She is later seen entering the Great Den for the Council meeting.

In Ephemeral, she is unhappy to arrive after Cherry and Torrent.  She whispers with Nascha about the group on their borders, making it clear to Cherry that they know something she doesn't.  Elzora is on the Great Rock with the rest of the Council members and later goes inside the Great Den again to meet with the rest of the Council.


  • Her name means 'the fox' in Spanish.