This is a project where you can make art for your characters! Please note that anyone can do your characters if you post it on the needed art page, so please don't be greedy. You are allowed to give them some reference and specifics on the charart if you want prior to their posting.


Leave a comment saying you want to join. No form required. Please specify art programs you plan on using.

Leader: Willowlight

Deputy: Foxstep



Kits: Stoatbramble

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Current Projects

Alphabetical order, please!

Name Charart Date Tweak/Redo Date
Foxstep1 Sea (Kit) June 3 N/A N/A
Willowlight7 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Our mentor program isn't really official. It is simply asking an available user to help you on something - it doesn't go how it does in the series (having an apprentice and teaching them everything until they graduate. Anyone of any ranks can ask these listed users for help on any charart subject. That way it isn't "Oh no, I have to wait to get help until this person graduates. Oops, I was too late! Now they have another apprentice!" We do this to get things moving faster. You can add yourself in the table if you'd like to be a mentor. But remember - ONLY WARRIORS AND ABOVE CAN MENTOR. A little experience in the project is required, unfortunately.

As for events, mentors can invite anybody they'd like to the Join.Me. Remember that the mentors ONLY have the right to choose who to link the to. Mentors, please state who is invited in your column. You may also have a maximum of two Join.mes a month.

Again, alphabetical order is required.

Name What they can help with Current Events Date
Foxstep1 Layers, Blurring, Smudging, tabby patterns, Gaussian Blurring N/A N/A
Willowlight7 Basically everything, request and I'll tell you if I can teach it. N/A N/A


Pick one of each category based on how old the character is. Like, if they are an adult, do kit, adolescent, and adult for example. You are NOT allowed to steal these linearts. They are COPYRIGHTED and you must ask the artist before taking it. If you are found claiming and using lineart without permission, you will be direly punished.