Cave In is a songfic in a songfiction series written by Foxstep.



Release Date: June 1st, 2017

Author: Foxstep1

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Jett and Hale invite Sea to go swimming with them by the beach to which he gleefully accepts. The three friends race down to the beach, Jett winning. Sea is hesitant on whether or not to go into the water as three cats are already in there. Hale and Jett decide against this and Sea unwillingly steps into the water with them, his negative mood slowly fading away as he feels comfort in the water.
A tide attempts to take the three friends and, while Jett and Hale resurface, Sea sinks down, and stays in the water, enjoying the peace. A cat pulls him out and he notes it to be one of the stranger cats. Hale and Jett are upset with Sea for not resurfacing but when the latter asks who his savior and her friends are, Jett quickly resorts to introducing themselves and a cat introduced as Harper introduces herself and her friends, Louise and the savior, Jessamy.
Upon finding out about the other cats' heritage, Sea rudely asks them why kittypets like them are out there to which, Jessamy offended, responds that his beliefs are stereotypes and she explains how her housefolk give her freedom. Jett also scolds Sea and leads his friends back out of the water and, as they leave, Sea looks back and sees Jessamy and her friends leaving. He wonders if he should apologize and whether or not he'd ever encounter those she-cats again.
Sea has a vivid dream about a forest leading to a gorge. The gorge has two cats in it, one ginger, one sand-colored. He wonders who they are and decides to visit his mother, Zinnia to help clear his mind. When he gets there, he finds that no one is in the den. He crawls outside to find Jessamy.
Jessamy asks him what he is doing here and Sea explains that he was looking for his mother. Jessamy tells him that Zinnia's housefolk were going to put her down which made Sea want to look for her. Jessamy doesn't really believe he can do it and leaves him wondering how to get down from the ledge.



  • This is based off of Owl City's album Ocean Eyes. All the songs are in there with Foxstep's own plot.
  • This songfic centers the story of Sharpclaw's parents, the canon-known Jessamy, and the invented main character is Seastar.