Amaranthine is a fanfiction by Willowlight.  It is a one-shot divided into parts.



Release Date: 5/24/17

Author: Willowlight7

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Detailed Plot SummaryEdit


Torrent is woken up by Cherry before dawn.  Cherry is desperate to outdo Elzora and Nascha, who have already arrived at the training grove.  Cherry leads him to the training grove, where Magnolia and Onyx wait to train them.  Magnolia is annoyed that Raven and Lark haven't shown up yet.  When Raven and Lark show up, Magnolia announces that they will be practicing herb identification and gathering.  Blizzard is annoyed at this, but the lesson continues.

Later, at noon, the Cadets return to camp to eat.  Raven, Blizzard, Lark and Torrent eat together, as do Elzora and Nascha, with Cherry close by.  However, Elzora and Nascha go into the Great Den for what Lark thinks is a Council meeting.  Torrent is confused, because Council meetings only occur at the beginning of seasons or in times of great crisis.